Warm Market Scripts

It’s best to contact the people you know using the method you normally use to communicate with them. For instance, if you normally text a person, use one of these scripts in a text. If you normally call, call them.

When you are reaching out to someone do not use hype. Do not sound like a crazy person. Be relaxed and confident. Just have a natural, normal conversation with them.

Pick the script that makes the most sense to you. If you don’t feel comfortable with one of them, don’t use it. Also, you can lead with the products or business, but I’ve found that it’s easier to lead with the products when you are communicating with people you know.

Warm Market (Business Script)

  1. Hey, ______. I found something you would be really good at. Can I send you the link?
  2. Hi, _______. Have you seen this before? I think you would do really well with it. YOUR WEBSITE
  3. Hi, _______. I found a great side hustle I think you could make good money with. Would you like the details on it?
  4. Hi, ______. If I sent you a link to a website that will help you make money online with your cell phone, would you check it out? Send link if they respond yes.
  5. Hi, _____. I started a new e-commerce business and I’m looking for referrals. If I sent you my information, could you possibly forward it to people you think might want to get healthy or earn some extra money?
  6. Hi, ____. I just started a new side hustle and I am looking for people to help me expand? Would you mind giving me the name of the most successful person you know?
  7. Hi, _____. Could you do me a favor? Would you please give me the name of someone you know who does sales and the name of one person you know who is really health conscious?
  8. If I could show you how to make money with your smart phone, would you be interested in more information?
  9. I found a way to make money online I know you would like. Can I send you the link with the details?
  10. If I could show you how to make money sending out 5 to 10 emails per day, would that be of interest to you?
  11. Have you ever thought about having a side hustle? I found something you could do in 30-45 minutes per day. Would you be interested in learning more?
  12. Hey Joe. I just started my own e-commerce business offering health and wellness products. I’m looking for referrals. If I send you my link, would you pass it on to two people you think might be interested in it?

Warm Market (Products)

  1. Hi, _______. I know you struggle with sleep. I found a product that might help you with that. Can I send you a link to it?
  2. Hi, ____. I know you struggle with PAIN. I found a product that might help you with that. Would it be okay if I emailed you some information about it?
  3. Hi, _____! I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried CBD before, but it has helped me a lot. Would it be okay if I shared with you what CBD product I am using?
  4. Hi, _______. I know you buy supplements and eat healthy and care about your health. I found some products you might want to check out. Would it be okay if I sent you some information about them?
  5. Hi, ______. Could you do me a simple favor? I just started my own e-commerce store and I am trying to get my name out there. Would you possibly share my link with a few of your friends?

If you contact someone you know and they do not respond, wait 72-hours and follow-up with them one time (they might have been busy and forgot). If they do not respond to your follow-up message, leave them alone and don’t contact them about the products or business again (unless they bring it up).

On the other hand, if they do respond, send them your HBN Powerline capture page. It looks like this


All you need to do is remove my ID number and replace it with your ID number. Once they get the link from you, they can take a free tour and then the company’s powerful email marketing system will kick in.

Your real objective is to get as many people as possible to take a free tour. 

Chuck Holmes

After people take a free tour, you want to reach out to them by phone, text, or email. Ask them if they have any questions. If they have questions, answer their questions. If they express an interest, you need to close them. Here’s what you can say:

  • What questions do you need me to answer before we get you started today?


  • It sounds like this would be a good fit for you, how about we take two minutes and place your first order, so we can get your business launched?

If they respond favorably, help them login, place their order, and get started.