Team Rotator

I’m proud to announce our FREE Team Rotator. Here’s what you need to know about it.

I have set aside $1,000 for advertising each month. I purchase PPC, Craiglist ads, mail postcards, send safelist ads, and much more.

All advertising points to a link that is attached to my rotator. When people click on the link, it sends the visitor to the next link in the rotator. It rotates through everyone equally, and keeps rotating in real time throughout the month, 24/7.

Anyone SILVER or above (who maintains rank) can participate free of charge in our team’s leader rotator. This is your PAID AS Rank, not highest rank attained. If you lose rank, you will be removed from the rotator until you requalify at SILVER or higher.

I check once per week in the back office to see who is currently qualified.

You must be in my enrollment tree to participate. This is a FREE service and is 100% optional. If you are a SILVER or above and don’t want to participate, you don’t have to.

Once you hit the rank of SILVER, send me a screen shot of your back office showing your paid as rank of SILVER or higher, along with your ID, so I can add you. I will then add your HBNPowerline link to my rotator, along with a tracking code.

The rotator is set up on this page: That is the page I advertise.

The tracking code is CHUCK. That’s how you will know the free signups (PEMs) are from me.

My goal is to send each link approximately 300 clicks each month, which should result in 20-25 new signups each month, for each person in the rotator. This is an estimate, not a guarantee, and could do better, or worse.

Please send each new PEM you receive the welcome email, just like anyone else you enroll. I reserve the right to modify or cancel this service at any time.