Success Stories

500k Ruby Director, Chuck Holmes

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes is co-founder of the HBN Rock Stars team. He joined HB Naturals in May 2019.

Chuck is a former Army officer (Major), combat veteran, and Bronze Star recipient. He is a published author, blogger, treasure hunter, Certified Small Business Coach, and entrepreneur. He is a decade long MLM Junkie turned Network Marketing Professional.

In his free time he visits yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores with his wife, Rachel. He also enjoys reading, writing, BBQ, and fishing. Chuck and Rachel live in Florida.

200k Ruby Director, Landee Martin

Landee is a stay at home mom and a certified holistic health coach. She also successfully owned and operated a traditional retail business for 10 years before selling it and becoming a full-time stay at home mom.

With two kids in college and one in grade school, she noticed expenses falling in the debt column. Prior to finding Heart & Body Naturals she was over 30K in debt and desperately needed to find something she could do online from home.

Heart & Body Naturals was a perfect fit, allowing her to help others improve their health as well as their finances. Today Landee is debt-free and changing more lives than she could have ever imagined!

100k Pearl Director, Megan Devi

Hello! My name is Megan Devi and I joined HBN in December 2021. Best decision of my life!

Months before joining HBN, I was on food stamps, struggling to pay rent, and dealing with declining health and debilitating fatigue. Not only did HBN products give me my health and life back, but they worked so well, that I had to share this with others too!

Now I make more money at HBN than I use to in a corporate IT job. Not only did HBN provide financial abundance, but I have time freedom, love what I do every day, and have amazing teammates as friends by my side.

My flag is planted here for life and I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful company. I love helping others improve their health and wealth daily!

90k Pearl Director, Michelle Carroll

My HBN journey started in October 2019. I was with a previous company and was leaving due to lack of transparency. I was with 2 other companies off and on in 2012 and 2017 but I felt burned out. I had no intentions of getting back into the industry after that.

What I was really searching for was clean products for my family. Specifically my medically fragile son. We have poor genetics where it’s difficult to metabolize even supplements. Most out there are synthetic so having high quality ingredients was really important for me.

By the grace of God I stumbled upon HBN’s website and I pulled up a few products and sent the ingredients to a few friends to find something wrong with the ingredients and they couldn’t, instead, they asked where they could purchase them.

We just started telling our family and friends about the products and the business just happened. HBN has changed my life. My family has only been sick a few times over the last few years but we recovered quickly from some nasty things that were going around.

This opportunity has allowed me to be home for my children while providing full time income. I’m extremely grateful for these products, the comp plan, and the friendships made.

50k Sapphire Director, Tina Heuermann

Hello! I am Tina Heuermann and I am a mindset coach, international speaker, and trainer. I have spent the last 25 years developing my leadership and entrepreneurial skills, while facing some of life’s toughest challenges.

Having experiencing extreme grief in the loss of my mother, my son, a business, as well as years of childhood trauma, my passion for inspiring others to keep going in the face of adversary and do whatever it takes to grow into the strong and powerful person that lies inside of each of us.

HB Naturals is an excellent company to help you grow into the person you deserve to be and create a phenomenal leader!

50k Silver Executive, Susan Cooper

I started HBN in June of 2019! I love HBN because of all the great people that make up the HBN family! The products are organic and I’m into putting good things in your body!

I have had great results using the products! The best part is how well HBN pays! I never thought I could work from home and make a decent living ! This is my forever hope based business!