Safelists are a simple way to get leads for your HB Naturals business. A safelist is a membership website where members agree share advertising with other members. They normally focuses on emails, but also includes banner ads and text ads.

Most people participating in these safelist membership sites are interested in making money from home. They’re looking for additional income streams.

With a safelist, you can earn “credits” by viewing other people’s ads, which can be redeemed for free advertising you can use to promote your business. Most safelists also offer a paid membership option, where you can buy advertising, instead of earning credits. This is your best option.

I do no recommend the free membership options with any safelist because you will spend most of your time checking out other people’s ads. It will be a distraction from building your own business.

Another drawback of safelists (just to be transparent) is that you will get a TON of emails, normally several hundred per day. To circumvent that, I simply created another email account just for my safelist memberships. That way my primary inbox does not get bombarded with emails.

I spend about 30-minutes a day using FIVE different safelists. I buy ads with them, schedule the ad, and that’s it. I get a nice steady flow of traffic to my websites by doing this. What you see below are the safelists I use and recommend.


If I could only recommend one safelist, it would be Herculist. I have used their service for more than five years now. You can purchase a yearly GOLD membership for about $50 to $90 (the price fluctuates).

That allows you to email 90,000 people daily. Where I get the most bang for the buck with Herculist is by purchasing their $20 solo special. I purchase that almost daily.

Herculist is a great resource. You can send solo ads, do a Hercublurb, login ads, PRIME, and countless other things. Join Herculist today.

State of the Art Mailer

I pay about $86 per month with State of the Art Mailer. This lets me email 30,000 people every 3 days. If you do the math, that is about $8.60 per solo ad. I normally get 250 to 300 clicks per solo ad, so it’s a great deal.

They also have login ads and other advertising options. Once again, I do not recommend their free option. Learn more about SOTAM.


I’ve been affiliated with ViralURL for almost TEN years now. I love their service. You can do banner ads, text ads, solo ads, and cloak your affiliate links. They have monthly and yearly membership options. You can earn advertising credits or purchase them. Other than Herculist, they are my favorite safelist. Join ViralURL today.

Free Advertising for You

This safelist is really neat. You can place banner ads, text links, login ads, and solo ads. I bought a membership for $77 and use it daily. When I refer others, I use those commissions to purchase more advertising. Learn more about this safelist.


Top Surfer is a really good safelist. I pay a membership of about $10 per month to have a wholesale account. This lets me buy 30 solo ads for about $66, which comes down to like $2 to $3 each. This is a really good deal. They also have other advertising options. Join Top Surfer.

Best Tips with Safelists

Start with one safelist at a time and learn everything you can about it. Try their different ad options. Test each ad with a different link so you know what works the best.

Also, be patient. There will be a learning curve you will go through. It’s not an overnight miracle to your lead generation struggles.

When you are placing ads, do not say the word HB Naturals or the names of any of our products in your ad. Keep it generic. Curiosity is what sells.

Never send someone to your replicated website the company offers. Instead, have your own capture pages and marketing system you can funnel people through.