Retention Tips

Today, I want to share some valuable information about how to increase retention in your HB Naturals Business.

I personally believe that RETAINING your team is much more important than being a good recruiter. If you don’t know how to keep people “in the business” you will have a revolving door in your team.

Your real goal is to get them in, keep them in and move them along.

Most of your team members will drop out each year, regardless of what you do to help them.

Don’t let that scare you though. All jobs in the “selling” profession have high turnover. Just ask any insurance broker, sales manager, or real estate broker and they will tell you the exact same thing. 

The same holds true with small businesses. Just drive through your local community and look at all the closed down businesses. Most businesses don’t survive the first year, even if they have a ton of money invested in the business.

When it comes to network marketing, most people will quit, but some will stay. You can still build a huge business, even with a low retention rate. 

Your job is to minimize attrition in your organization as much as possible, and to keep recruiting new people. You won’t be able to stop attrition completely, but you can minimize it.

Step # 1: Help People Get Started Right

Here are a few simple steps to help your team members get started right.

  • Have them go through the training on this website.
  • Have them make a name’s list.
  • Have them join the Facebook group.
  • Have them participate in our weekly webinar.
  • Find out their 20 reasons why.
  • Get a copy of their name’s list.
  • Have them contact their first 20 people within 48-hours.
  • Get them to Executive quickly.

It’s better to start right than start over! You have at most 72-hours before someone mentally checks out.

Step # 2: Teach Our System

Systems are the key to success in any business. Most people joining your team have never owned a business before, they don’t have any sales or marketing experience, and they’re scared to fail. You have a lot to overcome.

Team Supreme System

  • Talk to 2, 5 or 10 people per day using whatever method you choose.
  • Follow up with 2, 5 or 10 people daily.
  • Participate in our Facebook group daily.
  • Attend our weekly webinar every Tuesday.
  • Use the products daily.
  • 10-minutes of personal development daily.
  • Get in. Plug in. Stay in.

*** 2 for hobbyist, 5 for side hustlers, and 10 for serious people

*** The people you follow up with should include a variety of active team members, inactive team members, and prospects

Step # 3: Promote Our Events

  • If your PEM is local, meet up with them.
  • Show them the team calendar in our Facebook group.
  • Invite them to our Tuesday webinar.
  • Invite them to Will’s weekly leadership calls.
  • Show them the events in the back-office dashboard (coffee talk, etc.).
  • Have them join the company and team Facebook group.
  • Let them know about LIVE team events.

Step # 4: Recognition

Babies cry for it and grown adults die for it: RECOGNITION. Most people do not get recognized or feel appreciated at home or at work. Make sure you go above and beyond to recognize people.

Don’t just recognize your top producers either. Recognize even the smallest of achievements. More people on your team can relate to those small achievements more than what your top producers do.

Have a distributor of the week. Recognize people for getting NOs. Recognize people for signing up their first person. Recognize people for being on auto-ship.

Recognize people for contacting someone on their chicken list. Recognize people for attending an event. Get creative and recognize the things you want people to do.

Step # 5: Get People Using the Products

  • You want people to have a positive product experience as quickly as possible, preferably their first week in the business. 
  • Get your person to place an order quickly; offer them a gift card.
  • Call them 4-5 days after they order to find out what they ordered and teach them how to use it.
  • Get people on auto-ship; share the benefits.
  • Teach them about the Member Reward Points.
  • Most people who use our products end up reordering.

Step # 6: Help People Get a Check Quickly

  • Help your PEM enroll a few people quickly.
  • Even a $5 or $10 commission can help build their belief.
  • Share the compensation plan so they know how they get paid.
  • The sooner you help someone earn money the higher the likelihood they will, the longer it takes them to get paid the higher the likelihood they will quit.

Step # 7:  Work in Depth

One of the best tips I can give you is to spend most of your time working in depth. After you have some people sponsored, start helping them build a team. Always work at the bottom most point of your organization.

Light a fire in the basement and watch everyone above them get motivated. Always work with the newest, most excited distributors at the deepest level in your organization.

Width will bring you profitability, but depth will bring you long-term security. If you want to increase the retention in your MLM business, help the person at the deepest level in your organization. This helps everyone above them. This is known as tap-rooting or driving lines.

Step # 8: Teach Realistic Expectations

  • This is a business, not the lottery.
  • If you do nothing, you earn nothing.
  • If you do a little, you make a little.
  • If you do a lot, you can make a lot.
  • You get out what you put in.
  • You are building an asset, not trading time for money.
  • You are building a business.
  • You get paid to create VOLUME and SALES for the company.


  • Not everyone will stay; focus on the people who do.
  • Always leave the door open for people to come back.
  • Get people using the products; we get paid to create volume
  • Work with the willing.
  • Treat everyone well and make sure everyone has a great experience.
  • The real money comes from repeat orders, not one-time orders.
  • PRODUCT USERS are the best. They order more, more often, and order longer than people who come here trying to get rich quick or get something for nothing.

And here’s one last point. Even if you can minimize attrition by 10 percent, it will have a HUGE positive impact on your bonus check.