Retailing Tips

Today, I’d like to share a few tips on how to find more customers for your HB Naturals business.

Every business needs customers. Network marketing is no different! While I think it is important to be recruiting focused, it’s also important to share the products and build up a strong customer base. Do both!

Retailing Tips

Here are some simple things you can do.

# 1: Develop a good product story

Facts tell, but stories sell. Use your products yourself and develop a good product story you can share with others. This is the most important thing you can do to find new customers.

# 2: Share testimonials

Print off testimonials of satisfied customers that you can share with others. Your prospect might not believe everything you tell them, but they will believe a third party testimonial.

# 3: Be your own best customer

If you don’t use your products yourself, it will be next to impossible to find customers. Be your own best customer and be loyal to your company’s product line.

# 4: Identify a target market

Look for people already buying similar products. Look for people with the disposable income and DESIRE to buy your products. After all, you can’t sell steak to a vegetarian.

# 5: Car Magnet

Get a product focused, generic car magnet for your vehicle. Stay generic without saying the name of your company or product. For example, have a car magnet focused on CBD, pain, sleep or weight loss.

# 6: Wear a Button

Our team has buttons you can order. We have a coffee button and a get healthy button. When you see people looking at your buttons, you can strike up a conversation with them.

# 7: Email Signature

Create a catchy email signature featuring your favorite product. Change your email signature every week and focus on a different product.

# 8: Facebook Lives

This is one of the best ways to find more customers. Create videos educating people about the products. This will lead to more sales.

# 9: YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are a great way to find more customers. Simply upload your recorded Facebook live to YouTube. Also, make sure you add a disclaimer and don’t make any medical claims.

# 10: Product Reviews

Reviewing products online is a great way to get more customers. This could be in the form of an audio, video, or written content.

# 11: Gift Cards

Leverage our company’s gift card program to find more customers. This is a great way to acquire new customers.

# 12: Referral Program

Create a referral program for your satisfied customers. This will lead to more referrals and more customers.

# 13: Recommend Products

If you know a specific product would help someone with something, recommend it to them. Be sure you tell them WHY they should try it.

# 14: Gifting Products

Gifting products on holidays and birthdays is a great way to find more customers.

# 15: Keep a Few Products on Hand

I’m not a fan of keeping an inventory, but if you have a few products that you sell a lot of, you could keep a few extra ones of hand, so people you talk to can make an impulse purchase and not have to wait.

Final Thoughts

None of these things are rocket science. They are easy to do and easy not to do. The bottom line is if you want more customers you need a simple plan and strategy you can follow to make it happen.

The Fastest Way to Get More Customers

My # 1 tip to sell more products is to build a team! Here’s the truth. One person can only sell so much, but a team of people can easily outsell that one person.

It’s a lot easier to help 100 people each sell $100 worth of products than have one person sell $10,000 worth themselves. Make sense? I hope so.

The real beauty of our industry is the leverage. Do not confuse direct sales with network marketing. Yes, you need to service some customers yourself, but not hundreds. Maintain your five to ten personal customers and then focus on building your team and teaching them how to do the same thing.