Recruiting Tips

Here are 10 simple recruiting tips to recruit more distributors in your HB Naturals Business.

1. Always keep two to five fishing lines in the water. You are a fisherman. You fish for prospects. Your job is to have minimum two to five simple ways to generate leads. By doing so, you keep your pipeline full and never run out of prospects.

2. Recruit up. Recruiting one quality prospect is better than recruiting 100 followers. Step out of your comfort zone and look for people who are talented, influential, and self-motivated. Reach out to people you would hire if you owned a company and were looking for a CEO or Senior Vice President. Instead of focusing on people who NEED the business, focus on people with influence, contacts, a good work ethic, credibility, and proven success.

3. Focus on people who have prior network marketing experience. These are folks who BELIEVE in the industry and have had some training. Plus, they know other network marketers. Keep your eyes and ears open for free agents, people looking for a new home, but don’t go and pillage happy customers and distributors in other companies.

4. You only have two options. You can prospect or market. Prospecting is when you reach out to people. Marketing is when you advertise or create content and get people to reach out to you first. I suggest you do BOTH methods, but your ultimate goal is to learn marketing so people come to you first.

5. Keep a database of EVERYONE you have ever talked to about the products or business. This will be your most valuable business asset. Stay in contact with everyone in your database at least once every 90-days. Remember, every prospect is a prospect for life. If you talk to five people a day for a year, that is 1,825 people in your database. Do it for five years and it’s more than 9,000 people!

6. Focus on taprooting. Help everyone you recruit tap into their warm market. If you have 10 people personally sponsored, keep in mind they each know at least 200 people. That is 2,000 potential prospects you and them can work through. This is much easier than finding new prospects yourself.

7. Retail to recruit. Keep in mind not everyone is entrepreneurial, but everyone is a consumer. Share the products with people. As you find people who love the products, inform them about the business opportunity to see if they would be interested in earning some extra money. Happy customers make great distributors.

8. Follow a plan. You need a WRITTEN business plan, marketing plan, and recruiting plan. Once you have those things finished, you must create and follow a written daily mode of operations. Never wing it. Work from a plan so you can work smart.

9. Improve your skills. One of the best ways to recruit more distributors is to improve your skills. Read books, attend events, listen to audio programs, and work with your coach. Improve daily. As you improve your skills, you increase your value in the marketplace. You also become more “attractive” as a sponsor, because you know what you are doing. Skills pay the bills!

10. Increase your activity. If you are a hobbyist, you should approach 2 people per day. If you are part-time, you should approach 10 people per day. If you are full-time (or want to be) you should approach 20 to 30 people per day. This includes personal prospects and team member prospects. The fastest way to increase your results is to increase your activity. Talk to more people. By doing so, you will improve your skills, find better quality people to approach, and grow your business quicker.

Advanced Recruiting Tips

  • Never pre-judge anyone; you never know who will be interested and who won’t be interested in what you are offering them. Share it with everyone and let them decide for themselves. More often than not, people will fool you!
  • Tell people the whole story: the products and the business opportunity, and let them decide which choice is best for them.
  • Lead with the business and default with the products. More people are interested in having more time and money than they are in your products.
  • Be the type of person you want to sponsor. Be “all in” and be a servant leader.
  • Always ask for the sale at the end of your conversation.
  • Understand it takes most people multiple follow ups and exposures before they make a decision to buy or join.
  • Remember that sponsoring people is not your end goal, it’s your first goal. You want to get them in, keep them in, and move them along.
  • Normally the people you sponsor aren’t your best people anyway. Work through the people you sponsor. Get into their warm market as quickly as possible.
  • When you are talking with people, let a business tool explain what you are doing, rather than you giving a presentation.
  • This is a numbers game, but it is also a game of skill and strategy. Keep talking to new people and keep working on your skills, mindset and attitude. As you grow and improve, so will your conversion rate.
  • There is no “magic” phrase to say to a prospect. The best thing you can do is use the curiosity approach by asking them a question and then share a third-party tool with them.

In summary, these are my best recruiting tips. I hope you will evaluate yourself in each area and look for ways to improve.