Postcard marketing is currently my # 1 recruiting method. Although I do many different lead generation strategies, this is my most cost effective way to find new customers and business builders.

What is Postcard Marketing?

It’s the process of mailing postcards to targeted prospects. People receive your postcard in the mail and interested prospects visit your website or contact you to learn more.

Why Postcard Marketing?

Direct mail is alive and well. Even big companies like Walmart and Amazon use it. Direct mail is proven and time-tested. It has been around more than 100-years.

Think about how many emails you get per day, compared to how many phone calls you get per day, compared to how many postcards you get per day.

I can’t speak for you, but I get hundreds of emails per day, at least five to ten calls or texts from auto-dialers or sales people per day, but I only receive a few postcards per MONTH.

For the most part, I ignore the emails and calls, but I ALWAYS check my mail.

With a postcard, you have your prospect’s undivided attention, even if just for a few seconds. In most cases, they will “browse” or “skim” your message before they decide to trash or keep your postcard. In my opinion, that’s more than half the battle: getting someone to see your message.

Plus, postcards are simple and inexpensive. It’s something ANYONE can do, especially non-tech savvy people. Buy some leads and stamps, put them on postcards while you watch television, and drop them off at the post office the next day. Can you do that?

Postcard Design

You can visit Fiverr or Upwork and have a custom postcard made for about $20. Ideally, you want one that is 4 x 6 inches. On your postcard, include your name, email, phone number, and website. Always have several ways for people to get in touch with you.

Having a beautiful postcard is not important. In fact, ugly postcards usually convert better than postcards with fancy images. What matters most is your MESSAGE. If your message matches your audience (the people you send your postcards to) you should do quite well.

Whatever you do, you do not want the company name or logo on your postcard. Curiosity is what sells. Keep your postcards generic.

Where to Order Postcards

I get mine on eBay via Patriot Wholesale Direct (user id: patriotwholesaledirect). I have been a happy customer with them for many years. I do not get compensated to recommend them.

  • 5,000 postcards, 4 x 6, $139.99 with free shipping, less than 3 cents each
  • 2,500 postcards, 4 x 6, $98.99 with free shipping, about 4 cents each

The easiest way to get in touch with them is to email Ask for Frankie. Tell them what you want done and he will send you an invoice.

Keep in mind, you want your postcard designed PRIOR to ordering with them. Ideally, you want your postcard file in PDF format or JPG.

Where to Buy Leads

I get my leads from one place: Wilson Lists. They are high quality and convert well for me. Plus you get reimbursed for any NIXIES (returned addresses).

The 223C code is my affiliate code. When you use it, you get a discount on your purchase.

To be transparent, I do earn a small affiliate commission if you order through this link.

Buying Postage

Do yourself a favor and purchase stamps at the post office, so you know you are getting real ones.

Your other option is to get a bulk meter, so you can save a few cents per stamp if you are doing lots of mailings.

How Much Does It Cost?

• Postcards 4 to 5 cents each
• Stamp, currently 36 cents each
• Leads, normally 8 to 10 cents each

A good ballpark figure is that you can mail 200 postcards for about $100 when you factor in leads, postage, and postcard printing. Folks, this is a very cost effective way to advertise your business.

Response Rates

What’s a good response rate? First off, no one can guarantee you a specific response rate.

The biggest thing that will impact your response rate is your offer and your list. It’s vital that you match the offer on the postcard to the person receiving it.

For example, if you use a weight loss postcard, make sure you send it to people interested in losing weight.

I normally get several responses for every 100 postcards I mail.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, or if that is a lot of money to you, I suggest you stick with your warm market and free strategies.

I’ll add in one last thing: mail can be slow. You can mail out 250 postcards today and you might not get that one person from your mailing until 90 or 120-days later. I’ve had people wait a YEAR or longer before buying or joining.

People are busy. Some people get your postcard, keep it, and sit on it for a while.

Tips for Success

  • Mail consistently, every day.
  • Test different postcards and lead sources. A good test is at least 1,000 mailings. 100 is not enough.
  • Have a generic postcard, do not say the name of your company or product.
  • Mail postcards for at least one year, give yourself time to succeed.
  • Track each campaign so you know your numbers.
  • Keep in mind that Friday is normally the best day to mail your postcards.
  • Let this be part of your overall strategy, not your primary strategy.
  • The real key to success is not to mail postcards, but to have more people on your team mailing postcards. Imagine having 100 people mailing 300 postcards per month? That’s 30,000 exposures to your products and business.

Example Postcards

Here are some example postcards I’ve had created for our team. You can purchase these or download these in our online store.

Postcard # 1: Are You the One?

Postcard # 2: Coffee Lovers Wanted

coffee lovers wanted


The bottom line is that postcards work, if you follow the tips mentioned above. It is a slow process, but it is simple and effective. I hope you found the information helpful.