When it comes to contacting people on LinkedIn, you basically have two approaches. You can beat around the bush and focus on relationship building PRIOR to making your pitch, or you can be direct and make your pitch right out the gate.

There are pros and cons with each approach. I personally prefer the direct approach because you spend less time with each prospect and can talk to a lot more people.

While “building relationships” is important, I believe it just makes more business sense to build those relationships AFTER someone joins your business. You could spend countless hours building a relationship with someone prior to recruiting them, only to find out they are not a good fit for your business. Does that make sense?

I have four LinkedIn MLM Recruiting Scripts listed below. One is for your connections. Another is for recruiting people with MLM experience. The third script is for recruiting professionals. And the fourth example is a product approach.


This first script is for anyone who is currently connected to you on LinkedIn. It’s like a friend on Facebook. These are people you have some type of pre-existing relationship with. You know of each other, even if you don’t technically know each other.

Hi Joe,

It’s me, Chuck Holmes. I see we are “connected” to each other, even though we haven’t formally met. I looked through your profile and see you have an interesting work experience.

I’m reaching out to you today to see if you are happy with your current career or if you are looking for something better? I’m looking for ambitious, entrepreneurial minded people to expand a lucrative business.

If I sent you a short video that explains what I do, would you take five minutes to watch it? No pressure either way. Just let me know. Thanks.

Your Name

Once again, this is direct and to the point. If they respond and ask questions or want more information, just point them to one of your third-party tools. Do not make the mistake of trying to explain everything yourself.

Former Network Marketers

I personally believe this is your best target market. You can search on LinkedIn for people who have network marketing in their profile or listed as one of their skills.

When you reach out to these folks you want to come across as different from a typical network marketer. Here’s what I recommend you say to them.

Hi ______.

I stumbled across your profile in LinkedIn and it says you are affiliated with (name of MLM Company). How are things going in the business for you? How long have you been with them? Are you still actively building a team?

Your Name

You want to get them talking about what they do. You want to see if they are HAPPY with what they are currently doing, if they quit that business already, or if they are looking for something else.

If they are happy with what they are doing, just thank them for their time and move on to the next person. If they are a free agent, in-between companies, or are looking for something better, you can share your business with them.


This script will work well for doctors, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and professionals. These are people with lots of credibility, a large sphere of influence and a good-sized network.

Hi Joe,

My name is _______. I stumbled across your profile on LinkedIn and see that you are a (their career).

I’m reaching out to see if you are open minded to creating a second income stream that won’t interfere with what you are currently doing?

If I sent you a short video that explains what I do, would you be willing to watch it? It will only take a few minutes of your time. I think you will like it.

Your Name

This MLM LinkedIn script is direct and to the point. You’ll know right off the bat if they are looking (or not).

Gift Card Script

This script is used to find CUSTOMERS for your business. You could really use this script with anyone. Basically, you are offering each person a free $25 gift card.

Hi Amy,

I hope this finds you well. My name is Chuck. We’ve never met before.

I stumbled across your LinkedIn profile and thought you might be a good fit for what I am offering.

I own my own health and wellness e-commerce store and I am giving away free $25 gift cards to attract new customers. You can receive $25 off a $25+ purchase (excluding tax and shipping) when you shop at my online store.

If I sent you a link to my online store and a $25 gift card, would you check it out?

Your Name

This script is direct and to the point. Most people like to get something for free, so you shouldn’t get a lot of resistance.

Tips for Success

Here are some of my best tips for success with my LinkedIn MLM Recruiting Scripts.

First and foremost, focus on one group of prospects at a time. LinkedIn allows you to search their website for whichever category you like. For example, start with chiropractors or masseuses first. Create a simple script for that group of people. Fine tune and tweak your script as you go. As you contact more and more people in that niche, you will figure out what works best.

Next, make sure you follow up. Most people will not respond to your message right away. You may need to follow up 5-10 times over a period of 30-60 days to get the maximum participation. Be patient, keep talking to new people and be consistent with your follow-up.

My next tip is to be a professional. There’s no need to use hype or pressure or be deceptive. Always be open, honest, and transparent.

Furthermore, remember this is a numbers game. You will probably need to contact thousands of people, to talk with hundreds of people to sponsor a handful of people. Let the law of large numbers work in your favor. Set a goal to contact a certain number of prospects each day and make sure you do it, day in and day out!

Finally, keep track of your stats. If you don’t track it, you can’t measure it or improve it. At all times, you should know how many people you have approached, how many conversations that led to, how many presentations that led to, and how many new customers or reps you acquired from it. Once you know your success ratio, you can really scale your efforts and know what to expect.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my best LinkedIn MLM Recruiting Scripts. I believe LinkedIn is a great resource to grow your business. People on LinkedIn are there to expand their network, advance their career, and make more money. You have something to offer all those people if you are a network marketing professional and do it the right way.