Lead Generation

Without leads, you won’t be in business long. Ideally, you want 2-5 solid lead generation strategies, in order to keep your pipeline full, and never run out of prospects to talk with.

In the paragraphs below, you will see several different ways to get leads. I encourage you to explore the strategies that resonate with you.

120 Ways to Get Leads

This is a special report I created covering 120 ways to get leads. This includes free and paid strategies, as well as online and offline strategies.


Postcards are my secret weapon. I mail thousands of postcards each month to find new prospects. If you want to see example postcards, find out where to get discounted postage, and see where I buy leads, check out this page.

Warm Market

We are a warm market business. Everyone should start with their warm market. I cover tips on how to make your name’s list and also give example scripts on this page.

Drop Cards

Drop cards are a simple way to grow your business. You can hand out drop cards while you are out and about living life. Learn more about drop cards here.


I love flyers. You can give them to people or mail them to prospects. See several example flyers on this page.


Love them on hate them, Facebook is the BIG DOG in the social media world. Here are some of my best Facebook tips.


LinkedIn is a gold mine. Very few network marketers use it, but they should. On this page, I will share my best LinkedIn tips.

Solo Ads

You just. Learn more about solo ads here.