If there was only one skill to master to build a successful MLM Business, it would be inviting. Your objective is to invite your prospect to a presentation, video, conference call, website, or webinar so they can get the WHOLE story and make an informed decision. Your goal is to find out if they are willing to look. That’s it.

Inviting Scripts

Here are some example inviting scripts, just to give you some ideas. Get with your plugged in upline to find one that works best for you.

Hi Joe. I found a good product that might help you with your weight loss. Can I send you a link to check it out?

Hey Jim. If I could show you how to switch stores and get paid, would you give me 10-minutes of your time to watch a short video?

Hi Eric. I saw you were posting on Facebook that you didn’t like your job. If I could show you how to start a new career would you give me 10-minutes of your time?

Hi Mike. Would you like to learn how to drink coffee and get paid?

Keep in mind, there is no MAGIC SCRIPT. Trust me, I’ve looked. Just be sincere, be genuine, and do not use hype or pressure.

Inviting Tips

Here are some additional tips to help you do a quality invite.

Be excited, but not crazy!

Enthusiasm is contagious. When talking with the person be positive and upbeat, but not wacko!

Curiosity sells

Remember that curiosity is what sells. Don’t spill the beans and tell your prospect everything.

Sell the sizzle, not the steak!

The steak is the presentation. The sizzle is the appointment. Your job is to sell the sizzle and let the sizzle sell the steak.

If I, would you?

This is one of my favorite inviting tips. I like to ask a prospect something like this:

If I sent you a short 20-minute video that explains how to earn some additional income, would you watch it?


If I sent you a $25 gift card to shop at my new online health store, would you do me a favor and use it?

Stay in control

You must stay in control of the conversation. If your prospect starts asking questions THEY are in control. You be the one who asks questions and directs your prospect to the desired course of action.

Don’t be desperate

No one wants to do business with someone who is desperate or needy! Do you? Be confident and don’t come across as desperate.

Short Conversations

A good “invite conversation” should be 1-2 minutes max. The more you say the less likely they are to buy or join. Pique their curiosity, get their agreement to send them information, set a follow-up time, and end the conversation.

Confirm the Appointment

Never end a conversation without booking an appointment for the next follow up. EVER!

In a nutshell:

  • Ask if they would look at something.
  • Confirm WHEN they will be able to check it out.
  • Set a follow up time and date.
  • Send them the information.
  • Follow up at the set time.

If you want to check out our texting scripts, they will give you more ideas and scripts to invite people.