The 10 CORE Commitments

Here are the simple steps we teach to build your business.

1. Use the Products (100 CV auto-ship)

Be your own best customer. You don’t need to use EVERY product the company makes, but never use a competitor’s product if we offer a similar product. Using the products will give you a good product story you can share with others, and it will help build up your belief in the products. Also, set up your 100 CV auto-ship order for the first of the month.

2. Develop a Solid Customer Base

You don’t need thousands of personal customers; however, you need SOME customers. Everyone should strive to find and maintain 20 loyal customers before they start recruiting. This includes wholesale and retail customers. This won’t happen overnight. Six to twelve months is a great timeframe to do this. Don’t start recruiting builders UNTIL you have a solid customer base first.

3. Daily Exposures

This is a business of exposures. If you are a hobbyist, you should do minimum 2 exposures per day. If this is a part-time business, you should do 5 exposures per day. If you have the desire to build a big team and income, you should approach 10+ people daily. These exposures include your personal prospects and team member’s prospects.

4. Daily Personal Development

Make it a point to learn something new each day. Watch an inspirational YouTube video, read a book, or listen to a podcast. Focus on things that help improve your attitude, mindset, and skills. Set aside 15 to 30-minutes per day for personal development.

5. Attend all events

We are an event driven business. Events are the glue that keeps your team together. Attend events whenever possible. Life will get in the way at times. That’s okay. When that happens catch the playback.

6. Talk with your coach daily (accountability)

Stay plugged in with your coach or accountability partner daily. This keeps you accountable and on track. This might be your sponsor or might be someone else in your upline.

7. Stay plugged in with the Facebook group daily

Assuming you have a Facebook account, visit our team’s Facebook group daily to learn about important updates and announcements.

8. Help two team members daily

As you grow your team, reach out to two team members (or customers) daily and offer them your help and encouragement.

9. Track Your Progress

At the end of each day, reflect on your day. What did you learn? What went right in your business? What can you improve? Each night, plan out the following day’s work schedule. Also, keep track of your stats (# of conversations, # presentations, and # signups).

10. Be here one year from now!

This is a business, not a lottery. All businesses take time to build. Give yourself time to succeed. Make a minimum one-year commitment to your business.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the 10 things you should do day in and day out, at least 5-6 days per week. How you generate leads is up to you. There are hundreds of ways to get leads.

The most important step on this list is the daily EXPOSURES. Even if that is all you did every day, you could succeed. However, if you aren’t making daily exposures, it really doesn’t matter if you are doing the other nine steps.

Success in our business comes down to doing a few simple key tasks consistently, for a sustained amount of time.