Gift Card Program

Company’s Gift Card Program

HBN offers a unique gift card marketing program. This program allows you to give away free gift cards to entice people to try a product and create a wholesale or retail account.

Almost everyone enjoys getting something for free, so our gift cards work well.

You can purchase gift cards in your back office by clicking on gift cards. When you purchase them, they are instantly uploaded into your back office. Keep in mind they are a digital code, not a physical gift card you hand to someone.

Even better, our gift cards count as commissionable volume. Here are the price and CV breakdown.

  • (1) $25.00 – 25 CV
  • (5) $50.00 – 50 CV
  • (10) $100.00 – 100 CV
  • (20) $125.00 – 125 CV
  • You can also receive (12) gift Cards when you purchase one of our incredible, money-saving Value Packs!

NoteGift Cards are non-refundable. Limit of 1 Gift Card used per household.

My Favorite Strategy

In addition to purchasing gift cards, you also get 10 gift cards for FREE every month that you have a 100 cv auto-ship order process. Please know that regular orders or one-time orders do not count. Only auto-ship orders count.

One smart thing to do is to redirect part of your advertising budget to UPPING your auto-ship order to 100 CV and then using the free gift cards to attract new customers.

Handing Out Gift Cards

The best thing you can do when you offer someone a gift card is to:

  1. Recommend a specific product.
  2. Offer to help them place the order.
  3. Give them a deadline of 48 to 72-hours to use the card.

New Gift Card Website

HB Naturals recently released a new gift card website for its affiliates (December 2022). When someone visits your website, corporate will send the person a free $25 gift card for you. You don’t have to be active, on auto-ship, or buy gift cards to use this service. The website is:

Just add your six digit user id to the end of the domain. Replace the words “youruserid” with your ID number and you will be good to go.

For example, my website is

When someone visits your website and types in their name, email, and phone number, it will create them a free wholesale account and corporate will email them a gift card.