Getting Started

Everything you need to get started right with HB Naturals is on this page. Just complete these steps in order, at your own pace.

Before You Start

Keep things simple. Do not reinvent the wheel. Just follow our training step-by-step. We know it works, if you follow it!

Do not give yourself information overload. You do not need to know everything BEFORE you get started. You will learn as you go.

It’s better to start right than start over. Take your time and follow these instructions, so you can start your business the right way! Do not approach ANYONE about the products or business until you complete this training.

New Rep Checklist

Here’s a simple checklist for new reps. I will cover each of these steps in more detail below.

Day You Join

_____ Place your initial order (ideally a Value Pack)

_____ Set up your 100 CV auto-ship for the 1st of the month

While You Wait for Your Products to Arrive

_____ Join the team Facebook group and the company’s Facebook Product Testimonial group

_____ Complete the Getting Started Training on this page

_____ Make your initial name list of 20 names

_____ Connect with your coach to review/practice the contacting scripts if necessary

_____ Use the products for two or three days so you have a product story/testimonial

The Launch

_____ Start with your two BEST relationships first and ask them to try a product

_____ Enroll your first two wholesale customers (go through as many of the 20 names as you need to)

_____ Reach the rank of Executive within 24 to 48-hours

_____ Contact the remaining people on your name’s list in the first 96-hours

_____ Attend our weekly webinar

Your goal should be to complete this list of tasks within your first three to five days in the business.

# 1: Place Your initial order

By ordering minimum 25 PV/CV (about $35 + shipping) you can LOCK IN your weekly matrix commissions for one month. We suggest a minimum 50 PV order because you can earn 400% more in matrix commissions by doing so. If you can afford it, 100 PV is ideal for serious people because it opens-up the compensation plan. That is what I do.

All you must do is login to your back office with the ID and password corporate sent you in your welcome email. Click on order products, pick what you want, and check out. Once you do that, set up your auto-ship for the 1st of the month.

If you forgot your login and password, you can go to the link you see below and click on resend welcome email.

You ACTIVATE your account by placing an order of at least 25 CV. Keep in mind if you used a gift card it subtracts 25 CV from your order. In that case, you must order at least 50 CV.

Once you activate your account, it is active for one month. For instance, if you order 25 CV on April 8th, your account is active through May 7th.

I highly recommend you order one of the VALUE PACKS as your initial order. These packs have a VP in the title and/or description to identify them. By purchasing a Value Pack, you get a group of products at a discounted price, and you get free gift cards with your purchase.

Furthermore, if you buy a Value Pack and sign up for a minimum 100 CV monthly auto-ship order, you will receive 30% fast start commissions instead of 20% commissions. For anyone serious about building a business, this extra 10% adds up.

Staying Active
  • You must order 25 CV or have a retail sale of 50 CV to stay active each month.
  • We do not work on a calendar month. Instead, it’s a rolling month so if you order on June 3rd, you must order again by July 3rd to remain active.
  • If you forget and miss an order, your banked (unpaid) volume flushes and your member reward points are zeroed out. This is like throwing money away. Do not let this happen to you. This is why you want to be on auto-ship, minimum 25CV.
  • Staying active keeps you qualified for the weekly matrix commissions.
Benefits of Auto-Ship

Auto-ship is 100% optional. You can start, stop, edit, or delete it at any time. You can change products in your auto-ship every month, that’s what I do. Always keep your auto-ship date the same, because if you change dates, and there is more than 30-days between your last and current order, you lose your accumulated Member Rewards and banked volume.

What you will see below are some of the benefits of auto-ship.

  • Stay active, don’t forget to order.
  • Keeps building your binary volume.
  • Saves you 5% or more on each order.
  • Earns you Member Reward Points to get free products.
  • Qualify for commissions and bonuses.
  • Always have your favorite products on hand.
  • Change your products as needed.
  • With 100 CV auto-ship you also get 10 free $25 gift cards each month.
  • With a 100 CV auto-ship, you also get a free full-sized product each month with your order (corporate picks the product).
  • Makes your income and business more predictable.
  • Set up your auto-ship for the 1st of the month for 100 CV to maximize the pay plan.
Benefits of 100 CV Auto-ship
  • Star Bonus Qualified, Unlimited $50, $75- and $100-Star Bonus payments.
  • Get 10 free gift cards to give to your prospects.
  • Earn Member Reward Points on each purchase (from 5% to 30%). The longer you stay on auto-ship, the higher the percentage.
  • We work on a rolling month, so if you order on June 15th, your next auto-ship order must process by July 15th to remain active.
  • Starting your second month in the business, you should have your auto-ship on the first of the month. This is what our team teaches.

# 2: Watch the Getting Started Training VIDeo

Everything you need to get started right is on this training video. There is no need to deviate or reinvent the wheel.

# 3: Join the rock stars team Facebook Group

We have a team Facebook group. In our group we focus on business training. We also do lots of recognition and share upcoming training events. You can join our team’s Facebook group here.

# 4: Join the Company’s Product Testimonial Group

If you’re passionate about the products, have questions about the products, or simply want to learn more, you can join the company’s product testimonial group. There are more than 25,000 members. You can get answers to any product question you might have. Join it here.

# 5: Review the Company’s Compensation Plan

We have an amazing compensation plan. There are 7 ways to get paid and we get paid daily. You can learn more about the HB Naturals Compensation Plan here.

# 6: Navigate the Back Office

This video will teach you how to navigate the back office.

# 7: Make Your Name’s List

To launch your new HB Naturals business, you need a list of people to share your products and business with. This is best done through your warm market. Don’t focus on the cold market UNTIL you contact everyone in your warm market first.

When I say warm market, this doesn’t have to be your mom, dad, brother, neighbor, etc. Everyone knows at least 1,000 people by name, and probably much more than that.

Before you say “that’s crazy” I want you to do a simple assignment to make your name’s list. This is what I want you to do. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and then write down every single one of these names.

  1. Facebook Friends
  2. Cell Phone Contacts
  3. LinkedIn Contacts
  4. Email Contact List
  5. Christmas Card List

Just to make it interesting, I just did this exercise myself. Here’s what I came up with.

  1. Facebook Friends – 4,382
  2. Cell Phone Contacts – 41
  3. LinkedIn Contacts – 14,501
  4. Personal Email Contacts in Address Book – 238
  5. Christmas Card List – 45

If you add those numbers up, you come up with 19,207 names. Of course, there will be some duplicates in that total, so let’s just call it 15,000 people.

Would I want to contact every person? Of course not. But having a big name’s list takes a lot of pressure off you and you can be strategic about who you contact.

Now, you might have fewer contacts than I do, but I guarantee you still have several THOUSAND people in your circle.

Just pretend each name you think of is worth $100. If you were given $100 for each name you could think of, I know you could develop a HUGE name’s list.

When people do this exercise, they normally come up with several thousand people. The bottom line is we all know a LOT of people, more people than we think.

Don’t pre-judge anyone. You don’t have to contact every person on your list. The more names you come up with the better. And don’t contact anyone until you have completed your list.

Go somewhere quiet, set aside a few hours, and write down your name’s list.

# 8: Pick the Script You Want to Use

We have lots of scripts to choose from. Ideally, you want to use one you are comfortable with. You can review our list of scripts here and pick the one you like best.

# 9: Start Contacting People

Once you have your script, it’s time to start contacting people. If you’re doing it right, it shouldn’t feel weird. There is no need to use hype or pressure people. Just talk with people the way you normally would.

Contact your first 10 people. After you do that, talk with your coach and have them give you some feedback before you contact your next 10 people.

# 10: Go Executive Quickly

Go Executive, Teach Executive. That is how you become successful in this company. You achieve the rank of Executive by personally ordering 25 PV or more and having two personally sponsored members at 25 PV or higher, with one of them on your left team and one on your right team.

# 11: Attend Our Weekly Webinars

Every Tuesday night, at 9pm EST, we do our team weekly training webinar. We do product training, business training, interviews, recognition, and more. These webinars are hosted on ZOOM. You can find the access information on the team Facebook group. You don’t want to miss these webinars. We also have a Thursday product training webinar.

Closing Thoughts

Once again, THANK YOU for joining the Rock Stars Team. We’re glad you’re here. If you follow the advice on this page, there is no doubt in my mind you can be successful with HB Naturals. To your success!