Flyers are a simple way to grow your business. You can hand them to people or mail them. I’ve created three flyers for our team to use. Feel free to use these as is or modify them as you see fit.

Coffee Flyer

This is my one page Drink Coffee & Get Paid flyer. You can download the MS Word version here.

Business Flyer

This was the first flyer I created. It’s a simple one page flyer that explains the business. You can download the MS Word file here.

Double Sided Business Flyer

This is my double sided business flyer. This is my best converting flyer. You can download a copy here.

Gift Card Flyer

This is a flyer I created for a team member promoting our new gift card website. You can download the gift card flyer here.

Flyer Printing Service

Here is a great source to order 1,000 Black and White double sided copies. It is just $28 with free shipping. To have the same amount of double sided copies at an office supply store would cost you at least $200, and perhaps more. I am in no way affiliated with this company. LEARN MORE.

You can also visit eBay and search for “printing services.” There are lots of low-cost options to choose from.