Facebook Tips

In this section, I’m going to share some of my best Facebook Tips for Network Marketers.

Facebook is a powerful way to share your HB Naturals business, find new prospects, and recruit new distributors, if you do it the right way. There is a right way and a wrong way to promote your business on Facebook. I want to teach you what to do and what not to do.

First off, if you’re in business, you need to be on Facebook. Even if you don’t like Facebook yourself, it doesn’t matter. There are currently more than 2 BILLION registered users on Facebook. 

I learned a long time ago, if you can’t get your prospects to come to you, go to them! Facebook lets you do that. The bottom line is if you’re not using Facebook, you are leaving lots of money on the table.

How Facebook Works

People visit Facebook for one of two reasons (that I know of). They want to be entertained or they want to connect with their friends and family. 

They visit Facebook to play games, search for new friends, watch funny videos, and stalk their exes. They also visit Facebook to see pics of their long-distance family members, college buddies, former friends, and catch up on the gossip.

No one goes on Facebook with the intention of BUYING something or being sold something. 

Yes, people buy stuff off Facebook every single day, but that’s not why they visit the website. This is important to know because you need to understand how your prospect thinks if you want to be effective sharing your business and products.

What Most MLM Reps Do on Facebook

Network marketers have done so many stupid things on Facebook because they are ignorant, untrained, or greedy. We all have that friend or family member that joined a network marketing company and then went crazy on Facebook. It’s like their common sense flew out the window.

You know what I’m talking about. They start posting about their new business 291 times a day. They tag every single “friend” about their product experience. They send the same exact private message to each one of their 592 friends.

It’s crazy what folks in our industry do on Facebook. I hope to put an end to that.  If nothing else, I want to educate you about what you should and shouldn’t do.

You can use Facebook to grow your network marketing business, but you must do it the right way. There is absolutely no legitimate reason to lose friends or strain relationships because of “how” you share your business with others. And there is no reason you should give everyone else in our industry a bad name.

The Right Mindset About Facebook

Facebook is simply a place to MEET prospects. It’s a place to connect with people.  It’s a place to search for people in your target market. It’s also a great place to stay connected with your prospects. 

My view of Facebook is to use it to meet new prospects, engage in conversation and take that relationship OFF Facebook as quickly as possible. Simply put, meet them on Facebook and then get them on the phone, email, or ZOOM. That is what I suggest you do as well.

Top 11 Common Facebook Mistakes to Avoid

# 1: Posting Your Replicated Website Link:  Don’t make the common mistake of posting your company’s replicated website link on your timeline. It’s really annoying to most people, plus you’ve now told everyone what you are selling. You’ve given up your control.

# 2: Tagging People About Your Business Opportunity or Products:  Never tag people about your business opportunity or products. Some people do this just to get exposure from friends of friends. If you’re going to tag someone about your business or products, get their permission first. Otherwise, it’s going to ruffle some feathers with your friends. Think about it this way for a minute. Would you want someone to tag you with a sales pitch without asking you first? I didn’t think so. 

# 3: Posting Pictures of Your Commission Check:  This is a quick way to get in legal trouble. Whether you got your first $10 check or you are making a$1 million per month in your business, NEVER post a copy of your earnings on Facebook. This is a quick way to get terminated from your company, get in legal trouble, and even potentially get your company in legal trouble.

# 4: Mentioning the Name of Your Company or Products: It’s tempting, but don’t do it. EVER. Don’t ever mention the name of your company or products EVER, on your timeline, profiles, etc. You want to keep it a mystery, so people become curious and reach out to you. Once you’ve let the cat out of the bag, it’s over. 

# 5: Talking Politics, Religion or Anything Negative: You are entitled to your own opinion. I respect that. But here’s the thing. Anytime you talk about politics or religion, you’re going to offend at least HALF of your potential prospects, the ones with a different viewpoint than you. In addition, if all you do is bitch and complain on Facebook, people will avoid you and not want to do business with you. No one wants another negative person in their life. Positive attracts and negative repels.

# 6: Complaining: Don’t complain about your spouse, the President, your business, the Democrats, the Republicans, your boss, your kids, your commute, or anything else. If you are trying to “attract” prospects to you, you never want to complain. Remain positive and keep the negativity to yourself. 

# 7: Private Messaging Strangers About Your Business:  You know what I’m talking about here. You get a friend request from someone you don’t know. You don’t know the person, but you see they are friends of a friend of yours, so you accept the request. Minutes later you get a “sales pitch” about the best business opportunity since sliced bread. These people kill me. Don’t do this. EVER. Pitching someone on your business the first time you talk to them is like asking a girl to marry you on the first date. Even if she likes you, she will think you are CRAZY, and rightfully so.

# 8: Spamming Your Opportunity in Groups: Don’t be the person who joins a bunch of groups just so you can spam the group members and post your links in the group. This will do nothing more than annoy people. It’s a quick way to end up in Facebook jail and get kicked out of a bunch of groups. 

# 9: Only Talking About Your Business Opportunity and Products on Your Timeline: If all you do is talk about your business and products all the time, people will unfollow you and unfriend you. Sure, you can mention your products and business from time to time but keep things in perspective. Have at least 10-20 normal posts before you talk about anything business or product related. Keep it to a 20:1 ratio, which is 20 normal posts for every product or business post. 

# 10: Putting Your Company Information on Your Photo Cover, Work History or Profile Photo:  Don’t put your company’s name as your employer. Don’t say I am a distributor with “X” company. Don’t post photos of the company on your profile photo or cover. You want to remain generic.

# 11: Keeping Your Profile Private:  This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make on Facebook. Do not have a private profile. Open it up to world so people can find you. You want everyone to be able to see what you do and posts if you’re trying to find new prospects and customers.

Top 12 Facebook Tips

We’ve just shared what you shouldn’t do on Facebook. Here is a list of things you should do.

 # 1: Make Your Profile Public: The first thing you need to do, and this is the most important thing, is to make your profile public. A lot of people are scared to do this. Don’t be. You want people to be able to find your profile. You want people to see your profile. You are in business!

# 2: Best Photo of Yourself: Post a great photo of yourself.  Get a professional photo done of you smiling. No profile photo with friend, kids, spouse, or family.  Just something of you.

# 3: Cover Photo: The cover photo is what you see at the top of the screen in your Facebook page. It’s called a Facebook cover. You want a cover that is inspiring and positive. You could make a collage of your photos. Don’t mention the products or business opportunity in the cover photo.

# 4: Create Curiosity: Your number one objective on Facebook is to create curiosity. You want posts that make people curious, so they reach out to you with questions or conversation.

# 5: Detailed About Me Section: Make sure your about me section is complete and updated. You want a ton of information in your profile, so people can learn about you. Include your education, work experience, links to your blog, etc. The more information the better.

# 6: Provide Value: Think like the person who sees your posts. What would they be interested in? What would engage them or keep them coming back for more.

# 7: Ask Engaging Questions: Post questions on Facebook that encourage people to engage in a conversation. This will increase the visibility of your posts. 

# 8: Send 5 Friend Requests Per Day: Your biggest objective is to grow your friends’ list and sphere of influence. You do that by adding new friends daily.  Look through your friends’ friends and see if there is anyone else you might know.  You can also look for people in groups who might be in your target market. Not everyone will accept your friend request, but a lot of people will.

# 9: Post Frequently: I suggest you post 3-5 times per day. Get a smart phone and the Facebook app. This makes it easy to do. Post once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Do that seven days per week. It only takes a few minutes to do.

# 10: Join Groups: You could join groups with members who are part of your target market. For example, if you sell weight loss products, you could join a group about weight loss and make new friends. Just don’t pitch them in the group, or when you first meet them. Build up the connection first.

# 11: Start a Group of Your Own: Starting your own group can be a great idea. For example, if your company sells organic products, you could start a group about toxic free living or organic eating or going clean. You could invite people to your group, share helpful ideas, and from time to time, share information about your products to the group.

# 12: Share your lifestyle photos: If you’re successful in the business, post photos of you traveling. Post pics of you hanging out with team members, attending events, using the products, etc. This is a great way to intrigue prospects.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom-line folks:

  • No one cares about your business or products; people care about what’s in it for them.
  • Annoying other people is not a good recruiting strategy.
  • Trying to hard-sell and pressure people on Facebook is a quick way to ruin your reputation and lose your friends.
  • People do not go to Facebook to buy stuff.
  • People don’t join companies, they join people.
  • If you want to succeed in our industry you need to be someone worth joining!
  • Your team will do what you do, so you need to set a good example.
  • You can recruit a lot of people on Facebook if you do it the right way.
  • You can annoy lots of your friends if you use Facebook the wrong way.
  • The Law of Attraction is always working, either for you or against you.
  • Get people to contact you first!

Facebook Daily “To-Do” List

Here is a simple daily “to-do” list for you to follow.  You could probably do this in less than 20-minutes per day.

  1. Post an inspirational quote
  2. Send five friend requests
  3. Send to private messages to reach out to old friends
  4. Share a video
  5. Share something you learned that day
  6. Like or comment on two other people’s post
  7. Post in a group
  8. Share someone’s post

You don’t have to use the exact same format as this but find something that works for you and stick with it.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered my best Facebook Tips for network marketers in this post. The bottom line is that most network marketers are very annoying with how they use Facebook to promote their MLM Business. I hope you will take the information in this article to heart and assess the effectiveness of what you currently do with Facebook.

The last thing you want to do is do something that will hurt your reputation AND destroy your relationships with the people you love. Be a professional and promote your business and products the right way.

When you do promote your business, be interesting. Provide value. Offer tips. Capture people’s attention and get them to seek you out. As they contact you, communicate through private messaging, or by phone, and keep your timeline positive and encouraging.

Example Social Media Curiosity Posts

Curiosity is what sells. Never spill the beans and tell your prospects your company name or product name in your posts. Also, don’t use any company logos.

Product Success Stories: Share weight loss stories. Talk about how a product helped you without making any type of medical claims. Even better, share someone else’s testimonial. Those seem to be the most effective. Be sure to include a disclaimer in the post.

Product Promotions: When the company has a sale or releases a new product, make a post talking about the benefits of the product and what the sale is, but don’t mention the product name. You can also mention a $25 gift card to save them money on their purchase. You want people to contact you so you can show them how and where to order.

Lifestyle Photos: Share photos of you spending time with your team, or at events. Talk about how the business has helped you pay off bills, travel more, etc. For example, if you buy a new car, mention how the money from your part-time business helped you afford it.

Recognition Posts: Recognize a team member or customer for hitting a certain milestone in the business, such as their first sale, a rank advancement, acquiring a new customer, attending an event, 1st meeting, etc. Put some thought into the post and be specific and heartfelt.

Educational: Teach people about how one of your products can help them solve a problem. Talk about a mistake you made in the business and what you learned from it. Talk about a lesson you learned from a book or video and share how it helped you. These are my favorite type of posts to do.

Here are some examples:

  • Weight Loss: 5 tips to lose weight
  • Skin Care: 5 tips to have beautiful skin on a budget
  • Essential Oils: The top 5 most important essential oils
  • Health Products: 5 reasons to take supplements

Make sure you don’t tell people what the item is and if you are demonstrating it in a video, keep the name covered.

What you will see below are some example social media curiosity posts.

  • If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck check me out! Free to start and paid daily! Free info plus start up bonus!
  • Where’s all my fur baby parents? Post a pic of your pet and get put in a drawing for a Free pet product plus a $25.00 gift card to go shopping!
  • Free to join one of the fastest growing companies! Paid daily! If you can copy and paste this is for you! Free info!
  • Who can’t sleep at night? I have something for that! Organic and works with your system! Message me for more info.
  • I need 10 people that want to go shopping! Free $25.00 gift card to order $25.00 worth! You do the math!
  • *** I have 5 openings left for product testers. *** You will receive $25 towards the product of your choice! I am looking for feedback on the item you try. Message me ASAP for your $25 gift card. Limited openings so hurry!
  • It’s 2pm! How many cups of coffee have you had already today?

Here are some visual posts.

Business Success Post

Product Testimonial Post

Team Member Recognition

Side Hustle

Sharing a Product

Tips for Using Curiosity Posts

  • Mix things up with your posts, a combination of personal, products and business posts
  • Post on your own timeline and in different groups
  • Leverage other platforms, not just Facebook (Parler, MeWe, Instagram, etc.)
  • Your goal is to get people to know, like, and trust you
  • Be patient, social media can take time
  • Focus on the results (and the benefits) of what you are offering, not the products or ingredients
  • Leverage Facebook stories to test what works best
  • Schedule your posts a week in advance, so you don’t forget or miss a day
  • Use POLLS and survey type questions
  • Post your experience using the products; be heartfelt and share your story
  • Don’t give away too much information or be to direct
  • Be upbeat, positive, and fun
  • Ensure your posts are relatable to your audience
  • Be different from everyone else
  • Talk about residual income and how it has helped your family