Tuesday Weekly Webinar

Each Tuesday night at 9pm eastern time, Chuck leads the weekly business training webinar. He covers announcements, product training, business training, and recognition.

These are popular webinars. You should attend them live or catch the replay. The recording is posted in the team Facebook group within an hour or two after the webinar. Recordings are deleted after 7-days.

Here is the access link.

Product Training Call

Our most popular weekly event, the product training calls are a great venue to invite your customers, team members, and prospects too. They can learn more about our great products from one of our product experts.

Every Thursday, 8pm EST, Product Training (Landee, Michelle, Jessica T., & Tina)

Power 30-Minute Work Call

Monday through Thursday, 12:30pm EST, Power 30 Work Call (Landee)

The access information to attend these webinars are posted in our team’s Facebook group.