Email Scripts

On this page, I will share a few emails you can use to send to your prospects and new team members.

Welcome Email

SUBJECT: Welcome to HB Naturals

Welcome to HB Naturals. My name is _____. I am your enroller. While you evaluate the business and products, and decide if it might be a good fit for you, I will be placing people on your team.

You can potentially earn money from these people once you activate your account by placing an order of at least 25 CV. If you would like a $25 gift card to save money on your first purchase, please reply to this email, tell me what country you live in, and I will email you one (if we ship to your country). 

If you have the desire to pursue this as a business, just know lots of people are earning extra income with HB Naturals. We have a team Facebook group, weekly webinars, getting started training, a recognition program, contests and so much more. We have a great team and would love to have you as part of it.  

I’d love to chat with you, if you are up to it. Email or Facebook messenger are the best ways to reach me, because my cell phone rings constantly. Feel free to reply to this email with your questions, or to request a $25 gift card. 

Here is the link to join our team’s Facebook group.

Here is a link to send me a friend request on Facebook

Here is our team’s getting started training video

I look forward to hearing  back from you. Have a great day.


Your Name

Your Phone

Your Email

Free Gift Card

SUBJECT: Your Gift Card

Thanks for reaching out and requesting a complimentary $25 gift card. Here is your gift card code.


Good to Know INFO

Due to limited supply, this gift card code must be redeemed within 48-hours, or it will be given to someone else. You must have minimum $25 worth of products in your purchase to use the gift card. It does not cover tax and shipping. There is a limit of one gift card used per household. 

How to Redeem Your Gift Card

To use your gift card, simply login to your back office with your user id and password. Here is the login page.

If you do not remember your user id and password, just click on resend welcome email and the company will email your user id and password to you instantly. If you don’t see that email, please check your spam folder.

If you have not yet created a free account, you can do so here:

That is my wholesale website. You will see the products and prices. Shop around, select what you want and then checkout. During the checkout process you will see the spot to enter your gift card code.

Once your purchase is complete it will automatically give you your own user id and password (and account).

If you have any questions during this process, just reply to this email. Thanks again. I know you will enjoy the products. I highly recommend the NOVA coffee, Nourish, or CBD. The PAIN and SLEEP lotion are also incredible. Have a great day.


Your Name

Your Phone

Your Email

Your Website

Thank You for Your Purchase

SUBJECT: Thank you


Hi, it’s me ______. I wanted to thank you for your purchase. I really appreciate it. If you have questions about how to use a product, please reply to this email and I will invite you to our company’s product testimonial group, which has more than 25,000 members.

If you have a desire to do this as a business, and earn some additional income, please let me know. I can add you to our team’s Facebook group and send you the link to our team’s training website.

No pressure either way. I appreciate your business.


Your Name

Your Phone

Your Email