Duplication Tips

Today, I’d like to share a few tips on how to get more duplication in your business. These tips are based on my 19+ years experience in the industry.

Before you read this information, remember this: network marketing is about a lot of people doing a little bit, rather than one person doing a lot. To be super successful, you need to get a lot of people to do a few simple things over and over, for a consistent period of time.

In any organization, about 90% of the people are simply customers, about 8 to 10 percent are part-timers and no more than 1 to 2 percent are serious and committed. You can fight these numbers or accept them as a reality. I have learned to accept it, which has led to less stress, disappointments, and headaches.

Top Duplication Tips

# 1: Keep Things Simple

First off, you must keep things simple for your new rep. They do not need to know every detail about the company, products, industry, and compensation plan to get started.

Do not give them information overload. That will only lead to analysis by paralysis. All you really need to teach them is how to invite people to a third-party presentation or share their link.

Have them make their name’s list, teach them a simple script, and have them invite the people on their list to learn more about the products and company.

# 2: Give them Assignments

New reps crave direction and assignments. A vast majority of the people who join your team have never owned a business before. That means they need direction, guidance, and help.

Start your new rep out by giving them a small assignment. If they complete the assignment, give them another one. Keep doing this over and over during their first month or two in the business, as long as they are coachable and complete each assignment.

# 3: Leverage the Three-Way Call or Group Meetings

Whenever possible, you want your new team member to plug in their prospects to your group meeting, three-way call, or group chat. Basically, they invite people to the call or meeting and someone in their upline does the selling and closing for them.

# 4: Get a Few Names from Every Person You Recruit

Everyone knows a few people. A good network marketer can recruit just TWO people and build a team with millions of people in it by tap-rooting and working in depth. Have your new rep give you the names of the (1) the sharpest person they know, (2) people they know with MLM Experience, and (3) the names of 1-2 people who would use the products. Reach out to these folks with your new team member, or coach them through it. If they won’t contact these people, do it for them.

# 5: The First 72-Hours Are Critical

Your new rep’s first 72-hours in the business are critical. They will either decide to quit or decide to stay within their first 24 to 72-hours. You must strike while the iron is hot. They will be the most excited when they first join, so that is the time to spend the most time with them.

# 6: Get People Plugged In

You drastically increase your odds of having more duplication in your business if you get people plugged into your team’s training and system. This will help them learn new skills, build their belief, and improve retention.

Promote the weekly calls, events, and team Facebook group. Promote live events and attend them yourself. Also, introduce your new team members to several people in your upline.

# 7: Praise and Recognition

If you’ve ever raised pets or children, you understand the power of praise and recognition. Make sure you praise and recognize your new people, even for the smallest of things. Remember, they are new, scared, and don’t know what to do. As you give them assignments, and they complete them, give your new rep feedback, praise, and recognition.

# 8: Start Building a Relationship

Friends normally won’t quit on a friend. It’s important to start building legitimate friendships with your new people. Get to know them as people. Find out what makes them tick. Spend time together. Treat them well. The big money in this industry comes from building and maintaining solid long-term relationships.

# 9: Most People Will Not Duplicate

Remember this, and I know it might hurt, but most people you bring into your network marketing business will not sponsor even ONE person, let alone duplicate you. It’s just the nature of this industry.

Most people are not coachable, hungry, or willing to put in the work. Most people will not put in the work or be committed because they don’t have much money invested. This is why it is CRITICAL to taproot everyone you enroll and then work with the willing.

Final Thoughts

Remember, even if only 10 percent of your team duplicates you and starts enrolling people, you can still build a big team and make a lot of money.The more people you can get to do something, even just a little bit, the less people you will need to personally recruit.It’s vital that you follow these steps if you want to build a big organization and have more duplication.

Working with Your New Reps

  • Your # 1 goal when sponsoring a new rep is to help them sponsor one person and then you go work with that new person.
  • Most people you sponsor have always been an employee; hence you should give each person step-by-step instructions on what to do next without sounding like their boss.
  • The first 90-days your team member is in the business are the most critical. This is when you must be in constant contact with them, nurturing them, and encouraging them.
  • The fastest way to anchor someone into the business is to give them something to lose (a team under them doing something). The second best thing you can do is help them make a sale or earn a commission quickly (any amount). Most people make the decision to stay or quit the business within their first week in the business, so you don’t have much time to make this happen.

Taprooting & Building Depth

I’d like to share a few tips about building depth in your network marketing business. This is frequently referred to as taprooting. If you’re looking to build a big business and earn a huge income, these tips are for you.

1: Depth gives you security. If you want a STABLE, predictable income, you need to have substantial depth in your business. Ultimately, you want legs that are hundreds of levels deep with leaders backed by leaders.

2: Depth gives you the big checks. The big money in this industry comes from building a deep organization, not a wide one.

3: It’s easier to sponsor in depth than personally recruit. Be so busy helping everyone on your team recruit that you don’t have time to recruit yourself.

4: Your goal is to help everyone you sponsor sign up at least one person. Once you do that, go and work with that new person. Keep repeating this process over and over and never stop.

5: Your best leaders always show up in depth. The odds of you sponsoring your best people are less than 1% of 1%, if that.

6: Work through everyone you sponsor. Everyone can lead you a stud. It’s not who you know or sponsor that matters. It’s who they know and sponsor and who they know and sponsor that matters most.

7: Treat everyone on your team as if they are personally sponsored by you. Offer help to anyone who is coachable, hungry, and willing to work, regardless of where they are placed in your team or who sponsored them.

8: Don’t expect your team members to help their new reps the way you would. Take ownership of your business. When you see new people joining your team, YOU go down and work with them.

9: You want leaders backed by leaders backed by leaders. A solid leg has at least five leaders in it. The more leaders the more secure the leg is.

10: Always work with green. Always work with the newest, most excited rep at the deepest level in your organization.

11: Build a friendship with everyone in your team, especially the good people, and treat them well. That way is someone in depth has their sponsor quit, they still have a good friendship with you.

12: The deeper you work in depth, the more people you help. By working on your level eight, you automatically help everyone on the seven levels above them.

13: Building two or three legs hundreds of levels deep is much better than having 200-300 front-line reps. A solid foundation has depth not width.

14: The only way to have walkaway income is by building leaders in depth. Having a big front-line with no depth is a quick way to failure and shrinking checks.

15: Each month, drive each leg of your team several levels deeper and never stop. Never let a month go by where you don’t help each leg go deeper.

16: Once you have five serious people you are working with, spend 90% of your time helping people in their teams. Until you get to that point, spend most of your time on personal recruiting.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are some of my best tips on building depth in your team.