Drop Cards

Everyone should have a drop card, rather than a business card. A drop card is about the same size as a business card, but it is a marketing message instead of the standard information about yourself.

Reasons to Use Drop Cards

1. Low cost
2. Easy to do
3. Anyone can do it, even if you are shy

Places to Leave Drop Cards

1. Coffee Shops
2. Libraries
3. Book Stores
4. Convenience Stores
5. Grocery Stores
6. Enclose in Your Bill Payments
7. Bowling Alley
8. The Gym
9. Hair Salon
10. Restaurant
11. Toll Booths
12. Flea Markets
13. Yard Sales
14. Local Events
15. Gas Stations
16. Movie Theater
17. Public Restrooms
18. Post on ANY Bulletin Board
19. Colleges and Universities
20. Job Fairs

Drop cards work, whereas business cards are boring and outdated. Every serious reps needs a drop card.

Drop Card Design

The fastest and cheapest way to get a drop card designed is to go to Fiverr.com or Upwork.com and hire someone. You can search Fiverr.com for drop card design or you can create a project on Upwork.com and let people bid on it. You can tell them your text and basic design outline and let the experts handle the rest.

Places to Buy Drop Cards

Here are a few places to buy drop cards online.

Example Drop Cards

The $100 Bill

These seem to be the most popular type of drop cards because they are catchy. I don’t use them myself, but many people on the team do.

My Coffee Drop Card

This is the front and back side of my coffee drop card. These are the same size as a business card.

Gift Card Drop Card

My Business Drop Card

This is the front and back side of my business drop card. It is the same size as a business card.