Daily Mode of Operations

Time management is critical if you want to succeed in this business. If you can’t figure out a way to build your business part-time, you will never be able to go full-time in the business. Success in this industry boils down to doing a few simple tasks, consistently, for a sustained period of time.

This is what I recommend you do.

Plan Out Your Week

Each Sunday night, before you go to bed, take out your day planner and plan out the upcoming week. Schedule in your work time, family time, and other commitments first. After you finish doing that, fill in the open spots with time for your business. Determine what days you will work your business and at what times.

Daily To Do List

Now that you’ve planned out your week, each night before you go to bed, you should plan out your upcoming day. Take out a simple index card and write down what 5-10 activities you will do to move your business forward.

If you’re not sure what activities you should focus on, refer to the list below. A good goal is to do 5-10 things on this list every day, at least 6 days per week.

Repeat Over & Over

Simply repeat this process over and over until you hit your desired income goals. Realize that it takes time to grow a business. Success boils down to doing a few simple activities over and over and over.

Key Point

Keep in mind we get paid to talk to people. Do not let yourself be busy with busy work.

Your goal should be to approach MINIMUM two to ten people per day about the products or business. This can include your personal prospects and helping your team members contact their prospects.

Cleaning your office, organizing your files, reading, and thinking about your business do not count as work.

Ultimately, your daily routine (and your self-discipline to follow it) will make you or break you in this business.

My Current Daily Routine

Here’s my current daily routine, as of May 2023, to give you an example.

_____ Update team Facebook group (training & recognition)

_____ Send out welcome emails to new PEMs

_____ Publish 1 video or podcast

_____ Send Herculist email, publish one Hercublurb, and buy one ad

_____ Send 5 European safelist emails

_____ Send VIRALURL email every third day

_____ Email PEMs 3x per week

_____ Email list every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

_____ Mail 5+ postcards daily

_____ Login to Leads Leap and check ads

_____ Connect with 3 team members

_____ Follow up with 5-10 leads