COOP Advertising

What is a CO-OP?

A CO-OP is when people pool their money together to buy large amounts of advertising. Normally, an advertising or lead generation expert runs the CO-OP and places the ads.

How Does it Work?

I have my own URL rotator. I can put up to 1,000 links in this rotator. I then promote the rotator URL online and offline.

Each click to my rotator URL rotates through each participant’s URL, based upon a specific weight I set (and the number of clicks you purchased).

Once you receive the amount of clicks you purchased, you will stop getting clicks. Normally, it will take 7 to 14 days from the time you pay until your clicks are complete.

The fewer the amount of people in the CO-OP, the faster your clicks will be delivered.

What Link to Use?

I recommend using your HBNPowerline link, since I can add a tracking code to the end of it. If you have your own unique website or domain, we can also use that URL. All you need to do is send me your HBN user ID or link and I will add the tracking code to it, which will be COOP or rotator.

You can look in your back office to see your new PEMs. Click on the first green box in your back office that says PEMs. After you do that, a new page will open up. Scroll to the far right columns of that page. You will find a column that says source code. If you see a COOP or ROTATOR source code, you know that new PEM is from the CO-OP.

Cost & Options

  • 60 clicks for $30 (50 cents per click)
  • 125 clicks for $50 (40 cents per click)
  • 300 clicks for $100 (33 cents per click)

Requirements to Participate

  • Be on 100 CV auto-ship for the past three consecutive months. If you have not been in the business that long, or on auto-ship that long, you must wait until you have been to participate.
  • Be an Executive or higher.
  • No whining, complaining, or bitching.
  • If you are skeptical, or impossible to please, or have unrealistic expectations, please do not participate.

I put these parameters in place for a reason. I only want people participating in the Advertising CO-OP who have proven they are going to STICK with the business, and not quit within their first 90-days.

What to Expect

There are no guarantees with advertising. I can only guarantee clicks.

From personal experience, you should generate 1 PEM for every 10 clicks, give or take. Sometimes conversion rates are higher, and sometimes lower.

I cannot guarantee how many PEMs you will get from the CO-OP, if they will login, or if they will order anything. That is up to them, and your follow-up process.

This service is simply sending eyeballs to your HBN link. It is not a guarantee for a specific number of signups or purchases.

I post the stats of our CO-OP in our team Facebook group several times each week, during each CO-OP. Be sure to check there first.

Also, most of your clicks will come from the USA, Canada, the UK, or Australia, but from time-to-time, you might get clicks from people in other countries as well.

Where Do I Place Ads?

I place ads on Craiglist, Bing PPC, safelists, UDIMI, solo ads, in newspapers, magazines, via postcards, mailed flyers, and many other places. I use these same sources for my own traffic.

What Do I Do with These New Signups?

You should do the same thing you would with any other person you enroll. You email them the welcome letter and invite them to our team’s Facebook group. Just don’t bug them and contact them every single day.

The best thing you can do is stay in touch with these people at least once every two to three weeks for the next six months. Most people I enroll through cold market advertising take MINIMUM 7 to 20 follow ups over a period of three to six months BEFORE they buy or get started. The fortune is in the follow up.

If you’re expecting everyone who joins through the CO-OP will buy or get serious about the business, please do not participate.

Refund Policy

Once your link is approved and put in the rotation, and the ads start, there are no refunds. By participating in the CO-OP, you agree to these terms.

Purchase COOP Shares

You can pay via PayPal. Just send $30, $50, or $100, whichever package is best for you. Thanks.