Cash Money Coffee System

Our team has a unique coffee SAMPLING system. We call it the Cash Money Coffee System. We chose coffee as our signature product to promote because just about everyone drinks coffee. Plus, our coffee is unique and amazing. If you can give out samples, you can build a successful HB Naturals business.

Here are the five simple steps in our Cash Money Coffee System.

  1. Order some coffee
  2. Make your samples
  3. Wear your button
  4. Hand out two samples per day!
  5. Teach others to do the same

Step # 1: Order Some Coffee

Login to your back office and order several bags of the NOVA coffee (30-serving bags). If you do this via an auto-ship order, you will get an additional 5% discount and you will earn member reward points, which can be redeemed for free products.

Step # 2: Make Your Samples

Here’s what you will need to make your samples:

  • Heat gun/bag sealer
  • Coffee
  • Sachets
  • Avery 8160 labels

I have placed a direct link to each product below so you can purchase them on Amazon (except the coffee).

If you’re wondering what goes on the label, you can download our master file here, and then update it with your personal information.

I use ONE ROUNDED SCOOP of coffee per sachet. In a normal bag of coffee, I can fill approximately 40 sachets.

Make sure you wear gloves when you make your samples.

Step # 3: Wear Your Button

Wear your Drink Coffee & Get Paid button wherever you go (just not at work). When you see someone staring at it, strike up a conversation with them and ask them if they’d like a free sample. You can buy a button on our store page.

Step # 4: Hand Out 2 Samples per Day

If you hand out two samples per day, five days per week, that’s 40 samples per month. From that, you should easily acquire 4-8 new customers, assuming you do a good job with your follow up and closing.

Here’s what you can say to people:

  1. Would you like to try a free sample of our SMART coffee?
  2. If I could show you how to drink coffee & get paid, would that interest you?

You can do this by text, email, Facebook, phone, or in person. If they say YES, get their name, phone number, mailing address, and email and give them (or mail them) their free sample. Follow up within 24 to 72-hours.

What to Give People

I give people a copy of our Cash Money Coffee System flyer, the NOVA product information page, and the coffee sample.

Download the Cash Money Coffee System flyer here. Update your copy with your link and contact information.

Download and print the NOVA product information page here.

Mailing Samples

If you want to mail a sample to a long-distance friend, family member, or prospect, make sure you get their permission first. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and money.

Use a standard # 10 envelope. Enclose the NOVA product information page, the Cash Money Coffee System flyer, and the sample. This will weigh less than one ounce, so you can use a regular First Class Forever Stamp (US residents).

Step # 5: Teach others to do steps 1 through 4

As you hand out samples, you should expect about 1 in 5 people to place an order. From those people, approximately 9 in 10 people who buy the coffee (or another product) will simply want to be a customer. About 1 in 10 people will want to earn some additional income. When you find that 1 in 10, teach them our simple system.

Keep repeating steps 1-4 and build up your customer base. Never stop doing those steps.