Welcome to our website. You made a smart decision to partner up with HB Naturals and the Rock Stars Team. We are one group of affiliates within the company. Our team launched in May 2019. Our team is co-founded by Chuck Holmes and Landee Martin.

This website is your one stop resource to build a successful HB Naturals business. We encourage you to bookmark this website and visit often. We’ll update it a few times per month as we develop new training materials and resourcs.

My Mission & Vision

In case you’re wondering what we are all about, here is our team’s mission and vision statement.

Our mission is plants, people, and prosperity. We help people improve their health & finances.

Our vision is to help ONE MILLION families benefit from the company’s products and compensation plan.

The Founders

Chuck & Landee are servant driven leaders. They both have the desire to build a big team and help lots of people. They are the founders of the Rock Stars Team (not HB Naturals itself).

Chuck Holmes, 500k Ruby Director

Chuck joined the MLM Industry in 2002. He is a former Army officer (Major), combat veteran, and Bronze Star recipient. He is an author, blogger, treasure hunter, and network marketing professional.

In his free time, Chuck enjoys visiting yard sales, thrift stores, auctions, and flea markets. He lives in Homosassa, Florida with his wife, Rachel. He is the founder of www.OnlineMLMCommunity.com, one of the most popular network marketing blogs in the world. His HBN team is approximately 175,000 people.

Landee Martin, 200k Ruby Director
landee martin

Landee is a stay at home mom and a certified holistic health coach. She also successfully owned and operated a traditional retail business for 10-years before selling it and becoming a full-time stay at home mom.

With two kids in college and one in grade school, she noticed expenses falling in the debt column. Prior to finding Heart & Body Naturals she was over 30K in debt and desperately needed to find something she could do online from home.

Heart & Body Naturals was a perfect fit, allowing her to help others improve their health as well as their finances. Today Landee is debt-free and changing more lives than she could have ever imagined!

The Bottom Line

Our goal is to help you succeed with YOUR business. Our team is fun, diverse, unified, resourceful, and helpful. We want to teach you new skills, answer your questions, and provide an environment where you can learn and grow.

Now that you know a little bit about us, I want you to spend a few hours on this website learning what you need to be successful in the business. I suggest you start by going through the getting started training.